Healthcare Courses

Kenner Health Careers Institute in Kenner, LA provides many short and affordable healthcare courses to get you started on your career path. Call today to enroll. Healthcare is the only solid career path that continues to be in high demand regardless of economic pressures. A job in patient care can change your life. The following courses are for men and women.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The purpose of the certified nursing assistant is to provide residents with routine daily care with current regulations. CNA’s assist with activities such as bathing, lifting, turning, transferring, pericare, eating, restorative and rehab care. This program is licensed to teach students the basics of nursing assistants. Once the student has successfully completed the lecture/lab portion of the program, they will be required to take a 40 hour supervised externship at an accredited facility. This is an excellent course for someone eager to supplement their income or enter the medical/nursing field. The job outlook for CNA is excellent. The average salary is $10-$15 per hour.

Phlebotomy Technician

The purpose of the Phlebotomy Program is to empower the student to support directors and other technicians by performing routine clinical laboratory procedures and clerical tasks such as venipuncture and dermal puncture, transporting lab specimens, point of care testing and help to post lab results to medical records in accordance to guidelines delineated by the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians(ASPT). The job outlook is expected to grow faster than average. The average starting salary is $29,746

EKG Technician

The certified and licensed EKG Technician/Monitor assists in monitoring patients heart rate and cardiac rhythms using an EKG, monitor reading and performing routine maintenance on equipment. Employment Outlook: Job outlook remains good. The average salary is $28,034- $36,776

Pharmacy Technician

This program prepares the student to order, stock, package and prepare medications. Upon completion of the program, including the externship, the student will be able to take the national pharmacy technician exam. It consists of three modules, CNA, Phlebotomy and EKG. Job Outlook: Employment of Pharmacy technicians is expected to increase by 32% from 2006-2016. The average salary is $10- $14.52 per hour. The aging population has increased this demand.

Patient Care Technician

The PCT Program is a cluster of planned instruction that includes cross-training of the healthcare worker. It consists of three modules, CNA, Phlebotomy and EKG. All modules must be completed and pass exam for national credential of PCT. The job outlook  is expected to grow faster than average. The average salary is $11 to $14.15 per hour.

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